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Laos’s lifeline is the Mekong River, which runs the length of the country, at times bisecting it and at others serving as a boundary with Thailand; the rugged Annamite Mountains historically have acted as a buffer against Vietnam, with which Laos shares its eastern border. Most people visit the country as part of a wider trip in the region, often entering from Thailand and following the Mekong further south. However, Laos alone rewards further exploration, and with a little more time it’s not hard to feel like you’re visiting places where few Westerners venture. Stretching from the forest-clad mountains of the north to the islands of the far south, there’s enough here to keep you occupied for weeks, and still feel as though you’d barely scratched the surface.

Therefore, our website plays a role as your guider when you travel in Laos, helps you book the most suitable hostel with the best price. Why do we say that?

Laoshostles.com provides tourists many different details of tourism in Laos, including what to do, where to see, foods & drinks and Laos Information. Especially, it helps you to look up and book room in some hostels for your vacation in Laos.

If you would rather create your own itinerary, we would be happy to assist you in putting together one that best suits your schedule and interest.