Top 5 must-try experiences in Phongsali, Laos


Phongsali is a beautiful province in Laos, surrounded by high mountains, dense forests and fast flowing river. The province offers a vast selection of amazing things to do especially trekking and physical activities. The following are 5 charming objects to accomplish in the province of Phongsali.

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Going trekking in Phongsali helps you discover special, hidden parts of the countryside that are rarely visited. You will have a chance to trek through dense forests, see some of Phongsali’s surrounds, meet people in minority groups. It is said that treks in this area is usually hard and long but it is really stimulating and worth the effort.

The official Provincial Tourism Office will provide helpful information about trekking trips lasting from one day to some days. These arranged journeys include guides, visits and overnight stays in villages of traditional ethnic hill tribes such as Phou Noy, Akha, Lao Seng, Lue and Ho.

Phongsali in Laos (via Live.See.Appreciate – blogger)

Staying in Yunnanese house

Phongsali is one of few places remaining houses constructed in Yunnanese style. Because the majority of Yunnanese houses in many other cities of Laos are destroyed in the war by bombing. Thus, it is very lucky for you to stay in an ancient Yunnan architecture like this. Some delightful Yunnanese houses are located in the centre of the town of Phongsali – the capital of Phongsali Province. What makes these old historic quaters special is they were built with traditional ornate wooden fronts. Most of people living in this area are Ho people and speak Chinese.

Harvesting tea leaves

Harvesting tea leaves (via ICS Travel Group)

The city is famous for its high quality green tea and the ancient tea plantation. Therefore, picking tea leaves is an interesting experience visitors must have in Phongsali. Besides, they are able to take part in the complex tea making process including harvesting, drying, roasting, stirring by hand, etc. with teamakers in the villages. According to several tea experts, there are some of the oldest tea trees in the world at the 400 year old plantation in Phongsali. That the large root system of the old trees is deep into the mineral-rich soil makes the “Phongsali tea” a distinctive smell and taste.

Climbing the steps to Mount Phu Fa

Travelers must walk across 400 stone stairs to reach the peak of the Mount Phu Fa. At the tophill, visitors will have a chance to view the whole Phongsali town at height of 1,625 metres. It is very easy to take a picturesque photo of the peace town and surrounding countryside. Watching spectacular sunrise or sunset from the summit of the hill is also one of the reasons urging visitors to move up to the mountain. In addition, travelers will take a sightseeing to a splendid That Phou Xay stupa and an outstanding Buddha statue.

Mount Phu Fa (via Laos Roads)

Visiting the Wat Ou-Tai

The temple in Ban Ou-Tai village is said to be 500 years old. The interior of the monastery is the Hor Thane Keo – a typical sanctum including a variety of Buddha images. The majority of decorations inside the building retained in its original form. What makes this sanctum special is that it is constructed with mud. Moreover, wooden columns of the shrine on stone blocks are carved and painted with swords, flowers and flags. Additionally, there is a shrine built in brick. The Tai Lue ethnic groups call this shire Ou Bo Sot refering to a place where monks meet and control religious ceremonies.

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