Top interesting experiences in Huay Xai – Laos


Huay Xai – the capital of Bokeo province is a quiet site and the perfect destination to relax and discover the delightful country of Laos. Here are 5 must-do things when traveling in here.

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Walking the steps at Wat Jom Khao Manilat

Wat Jom Khao Manilat was built by teaks in the Shan style in 1880 and situated at the top of the small hill in the centre of Huay Xai. Tourists have to climb the naga flanked stairs to move up to the awesome temple. Through a large number of colourful stairs, from the wat, visitors will have a fascinating overlooking the whole town, the Mekong River below. There is a reputation that the monks here is young and quite enthusiastic. If travelers want to hear chanting, they should move up to here at 6 pm. 

Wat Jom Khao Manilat in Huay Xai (via Vietnam Travel)

Climbing up to Fort Carnot

Fort Carnot used to be an army fort constructed on the hilltop by French about 1990. After Laos obtained independence in 1954, the building was used as accommodation of the Royal Lao Army and the Lao Army took over. It is possible for tourists to freely go into the grounds through the Eastern fort because this gate is not locked. They will see several hand painted signs pointing out the ancient dormitories. The internal of Western fort, there are a set of metal and wood stairs reaching to the top of the tower. Visitors will have a view of the town and river when going up to the peak.

Fort Carnot (via Wikimedia Commons)

Going zipline at The Gibbon Experience

The Gibbon Experience was created in 2004 to protect the jungle surrounding Huay Xai from poaching, logging and burning agriculture. Going zipline is one of the most popular activities here and brings an amazing experience for travelers. The zipline is through the rivers, the jungle with large trees and thickets of bamboo, massive valleys. In addition, trekking and staying in magic tree houses also are great options when going to the Gibbon Experience. You can get up early to view a picturesque image of the misty jungle in the morning. If visitors are lucky enough, they can check out some wildlife animals living in this area. Moreover, hiking deep into the park, there is a very cold waterfall for a swim. 

The Gibbon Experience (via Fat Tony’s Blog)

Eating kanom jeen of Ban Khao Pun

Trying kanom jeen or rice vermicelli – a traditional product of Ban Khao Pun is an indispensable thing when you are in Huay Xai. The majority of households in the village make kanom jeen and consider it as a means of earning their living. Local people usually mix kanom jeen with phla raa – their famous fermented fish sauce. It is eaten with not only fish sause but also many different kinds of sauses. More of enjoying the new taste, the visitors have a chance to witness the whole process of creating the delicious rice vermicelli exported Chiang Kong across the border in Thailand. You can buy kanom jeen as a souvenir and take some packets home. 

Eating Kanom Jeen (via Eat Drink KL – blogger)

Shopping at Muang Bokeo Huay Xai Market

A major shopping location of Huay Xai – Muang Bokeo Huay Xai Market known as Talad Sao sits on Saykhong Road, in the southern town. A lot of fish, meat, fresh vegetables, fruit, handicrafts and some main household products are sold at inexpensive prices in the market. Tadad Sao gives the true feeling for a market of Laos and presents a good opportunity to observe local lifestyles. If you want to take impressive photos, go to the market at the early morning when the scenery of buying and selling becomes most bustling and authentic.

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